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Sweets and Swipes

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Platform: iOS
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General Description from iTunes

Feed the Sweet Tooth! He’s upset without sweets! Swipe the candies as fast as possible, and they’ll go directly into his mouth. The more you feed him, the sooner you get new sweets! Go to the factory and improve production to feed Sweet Tooth faster. And don’t forget to pamper him with delicacies and add fillers to earn more! - Speed up sweets production at the factory
- Pick up sweets offline into different containers: vases and pots, buckets and tanks
- Vary Sweet Tooth’s ration – give him a cookie, raspberry ice or a chocolate donut
- Use superpowers to satisfy hunger!
The more you feed Sweet Tooth, the faster you do it! Don’t stop! Who will earn more?


As a part of development team of 12 people, Oleg worked closely with developers' team, localization team, QA team on a process of developing.
  • Developed more effective test-cases methodology for QA to increase speed and efficiency of testing process.
  • Provided feedback and design suggestions to team to improve game quality.
  • Participated in technical and artistic problem solving.
  • Worked closely with localization team, QA team.