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Knight Runner (ex Infinity Run)

Project Information

Company: --
Platform: iOS, android
Period: --

General Description

This game is a mobile runner with many different levels.
First version of the game called Infinity Run 3D. After buying this project my team rebuild and redesigned him and released as "Knight Runner"
Here some review for the game.


As a part of integrated project team of 20 people Oleg took a part in development of Knight Runner based documentation using Atlassian Confluence.
  • Created and organized documentation, including Concept, Game Design Documents (gameplay systems, level design, characters and enemies, storylines) in Atlassian Confluence , user interface (mockups and their properties ) in Axure RP Pro.
  • Created and directed milestone schedules and daily task allocation to meet aggressive and changing deadlines.
  • Implemented gameplay elements (level objects, enemies, obstacles, bonuses and boosters, scripted events).
  • Tested and tweaked gameplay, difficulty, balance and pace in levels.
  • Provided feedback and design suggestions to team to improve game quality.
  • Participated in technical and artistic problem solving.
  • Worked closely with members of QA team in testing, bug tracking using Redmine.