Project Genom

Project Information

Company: GenomeGames
Platform: PC
Period: 05.2010 - present

General Description

Project Genom - client sci-fi open world mmorpg, developed by indie game developers team GenomeGames.
Key features:

  • Non-target battle system
  • Unique role system
  • Up to 27 weapon types
  • Unique level system
  • Deep storyline
  • Arena and forts


As a part of integrated project team of 25 people Oleg took a role in development of Project Genom based documentation.

  • Created and maintained game design documentation (concept, setting, battle system, quests system, weapons, NPCs and enemies, etc.) using Microsoft Office, Google Docs.
  • Created and maintained level design documentation (object and locations descriptions, properties, history, legends, content) using Google Docs, Google Tables, Microsoft Office, 3DS MAX.
  • Designed combat systems and tuned weapons, abilities and difficulty (Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Tables).
  • Designed quest systems and scripted quests (quest properties, conditions, quest relations, complete ways) in own quest editor with C#.
  • Managed team of 7-10 employees across a wide range of disciplines, including software developers, 2D artists, 3D artists, designers.
  • Created and maintained developer tasks and bug reports using DevTrack and Hansoft reporting tools.
  • In collaboration with developers created a flexible and powerful level and NPC editors.
  • Analyzed all aspects of the game to find improvements.
  • Feedback level design to ensure combat encounter suitability.