Legacy of the Empire

Project Information

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Platform: iOS, android
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General Description from the official site

Try to survive in the dark times of ancient evil awakened and spread all around the continent! If you are ready to do your best to save the continent there’s a chance you become the chosen one and inherit the Empire!

Fascinating locations will lead you further and further into the fantastic gameplay. Upgrade your character! Whoever you want to become: a strong warrior, a talented magician, a skillful archer, you will be able to choose among various weapons. You can also join the on-line battles in the Underground city, Horror Abyss and Arena. Compete with your friends to become the top of the power rating!


As a part of integrated project team of 20 people Oleg took a part in development of LotE based documentation in Atlassian Confluence.

  • Worked closely with localization team, QA team.
  • Worked closely with other team members and departments to brainstorm, prototype, repeatedly test/iterate.
  • Developed more effective methodology of project localization to increase efficiency, usability and speed of localization process (mockup markers, localization rules, game interface build).