Mobile arcade

Jolly LOL

Project Information

Company: --
Platform: iOS
Period: --
URL: Jolly LOL, Jolly LOL HD

General Description

Jolly LOL is a mobile arcade Tamagotchi where player takes care of cute LOL and makes him happy with various exercises, like playing toys, completing interesting quests, collecting hundreds of items, playing and competing with friends etc.


As a part of integrated project team Oleg took a leading role in development of Jolly LOL based documentation.
As a part of development team, he worked closely with developers' team, localization team, QA team on a process of developing.

  • Wrote and maintained design documents (concept, gameplay systems, balance and monetization, game economics, user interface - descriptions and mockups) in Atlassian Confluence, Microsoft Office, Goggle Docs and Google Tables, Axure RP Pro.
  • Created game design documentation standard and template, format rules and technical regulations for other game designers in the company.
  • Created and balanced battle system (difficulty level and ratings, item parameters), economics (balance income-flow, rewards and prices) and monetization (monetization points, analysis and game loops).
  • Implemented gameplay elements (items, quests, achievements, characters, icons).
  • Created, tested and tweaked gameplay systems (quests, collections and mini games), difficulty (basic difficulty, mini-games), balance (character parameters, item parameters) and economics (item prices).
  • Created and maintained developer tasks (new features, improvements, updates) and bug reports using Redmine.
  • Developed totally 6 prototypes for the game by himself.
  • Developed interface prototype in Axure RP Pro (all game windows mockups, pop-up mockups and clickable game interface prototype as a web application).
  • Developed detailed, clickable, flexible tutorial prototype in Axure RP Pro as a web application.
  • Developed 4 gameplay systems prototypes in Java 6.0 (integrated development environment NetBeans 7.0). It is a base gameplay system, an item drop probability system, a mini game balance system, ratings system).
  • In collaboration with developers created a flexible and usable administration panel for the game management (content, entities parameters, user database etc.).
  • Developed a smart assignment system for collection items to improve interest, fascination and retention.
  • Implemented Articy Draft (game design tools) to the development process for content management, quest writing and analysis.
  • Developed more effective test-cases methodology for QA to increase speed and efficiency of testing process.
  • Created the system of player behavior feedback. According this system, the game analyses players’ behavior and rebuilt game environments for every player to increase attraction.
  • Supervised the localization process in 2 languages, including document writing, translation and testing - for this purposes developed game interface build.