Exodus Online

Project Information

Company: Mindillusion
Platform: PC
Period: 07.2007 - 09.2009

General Description

The MMORPG based on the world exploring, quests and craft. Game setting - Ancient Russia and Europe. The game has thoughtful and flexible battle system, a magic system, a trade system, a craft system and a punishment system.


  • 09.2009 - Exodus Online was shelved indefinitely.

  • Responsibilities

    As a part of integrated project team of 20 people Oleg took a leading role in development of Exodus Online documentation.
  • Created and organized game design documentation (concept, combat system, magic system, weapons, craft system, characters and enemies, trade system, punishment system etc.) using dokuwiki.
  • Designed, tuned and tweaked gameplay, combat system, magic system, weapons, stats, abilities and difficulty.
  • In collaboration with developers created a level/NPC and quest editors.
  • Scripted NPC AI (day schedule), enemy AI (behavior) using C++ in own NPC editor.
  • Created and scripted quests (quest conditions, relations and properties) using C++ in quest editor.
  • Created and scripted levels (objects location, properties, enemies location and respawn, weather) using 3DS MAX, Adobe Photoshop, C++ in level editor.
  • Created and maintained developer tasks and bug reports using DevTrack.
  • Directed the implementation of all game features on a team of up to 20 people (2D, 3D artists, UI developers, gameplay and tool programmers, client, server developers, designers etc.).
  • Participated in technical and artistic problem solving.
  • Collaborated with team members to review feature designs and establish realistic estimates.