Browser MMORPG

Dar game

Project Information

Company: 2REALLIFE
Platform: PC,
Period: 04.2013 - 07.2013

General Description

Dar is a browser MMORPG based on quests and a story. Player has a character. Character can improve his stats, can find and wear armor, complete various quests and can fight against various enemies.


Oleg's responsibilities in the project: documents writing, quest writing, scripting, testing, content management.

  • Wrote and maintained design documents (combat system, abilities, boosters and bonuses, armor system, items, quest system, user interface - mockups and their properties) in Google Docs, Google Tables.
  • Provided direction, mentorship and management to teams of designers (content manager, technical designer, quest writer, 2 storyline writers).
  • Wrote a five-book documentation set and help text for Administration Panel.
  • Created and directed milestone schedules and daily task allocation to meet aggressive and changing deadlines.
  • Implemented a new program pack Articy Draft (game design tools) for quest writing and analysis, and adopted design documentation for him.
  • Created and scripted quests (quest parameters, quest events, quest relations and conditions) with C++ in Administration Panel.
  • Collaborated with team of 25 people to review feature designs and establish realistic estimates and deliverables.