Social strategy

Battle of Empires

Project Information

Company: IMMO Games
Platform: (social network)
Period: 05.2012 - 10.2014

General Description

Battle of Empires is a social strategy for the Russian social network In the game player can build your own military city and complete various story quests. Player has a navy, aviation, military troops and vehicles for taking part in battles.


As a part of development team of 15 people, Oleg worked closely with design department, developers' team, QA team on a process of developing.
  • Created and organized documentation, including Concept, Game Design Document (combat system, buildings and units, quests and storylines, UI and other gameplay systems) using Google Docs, Google Tables, Balsamiq Mockups.
  • Created and scripted quests (quest conditions, quest parameters and relations) using Google Tables and LUA.
  • Created and maintained milestone schedules, and collected and disseminated daily status of scheduled tasks using Worksection.
  • Created and maintained developer tasks and bug reports using Worksection and Mantis reporting tools.
  • Provided feedback and design suggestions to team to improve game quality.
  • Worked closely with other designers and departments to brainstorm, prototype, repeatedly test/balance/iterate.
  • Worked closely with QA to align milestone expectations and create test plans.