Who is he?

Personal Details

  • Name: Oleg Kolyada
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Address: Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (985) 349 - 0091
  • Skype: kolyada_oleg
  • Email: contact@olegkolyada.com

Professional Profile

Video games were always my favorite hobby. Since I was 5 years old, a game console was my most treasured toy. I started to make games when I was 11 years old – me and my friends discovered board games, and I’ve made many good board games for my friends. I liked to make games more than play them. Over the years, my aspiration to make games became stronger. When I saw a computer and a computer game for the first time, I already knew – I wanted to be a professional game designer.

For me game design is not just a job, but a self-realization, and I savor the challenge to my skills and my knowledge. I strive to perform tasks meticulously and carefully, to perfect my design. Game design is full of creativity, and I find inspiration in all parts of my life – non-game events, problems, and tasks have many times offered me awesome ideas and methodologies for game design. For example, my experience and extensive knowledge of time management, planning, targeting and self-development, has enabled me to learn faster, work harder, and be more effective.

Summary of Qualifications

  • 6 PC games
  • 12 released games
  • Over 8 years of experience in game design
  • Expert knowledge of document writing, creating prototypes
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of all game developing iterations
  • Extensive experience in quest creation, as well as level and AI scripting
  • Detail-oriented professional with excellent communication and organization skills
  • Great experience playing various computer, console games (actions, RPG, RTS, shooters)
  • Responsible, well-disciplined, enthusiastic, self-driven, and team player
  • Strong time and project management, planning and targeting skills
  • Fast Reading and Super Memory
  • Leadership Training

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What he’s best at

Skills & Knowledge


Office & Wiki, Diagrams & Mindmaps 95%
Task Trackers 75%
Java (NetBeans IDE 7.0), Lua, C#, C++ 60%
3DS Max 35%
Adobe Photoshop 25%


Fast Reading and Super Memory

Learned how to read faster and how to improve his memory

Time management, planning and targeting

Learned how to be more effective, how to make effective plans, how to save his time, how to be punctual.

Training "I AM A LEADER"

Learned how to be a leader, how to motivate people, how to speak well and how to be more convincing.

Language Skills



  • Computer Games (6 years)
  • Game Design (8 years)
  • Game Balance (6 years)
  • Document Writing (8 years)
  • Level Design (5 years)
  • Scripting (4 years)
  • Quest Design (4 years)
  • Video Games (6 years)
  • Mobile Games (3 years)
  • Social Games (1 year)
  • Content Management (6 years)
  • Testing (8 years)
  • User Interface Design (3 years)
  • MMORPG (3 years)
  • Basic Programming (2 years)
  • Monetization (2 years)

Hobbies & Interests

  • Game industry

    Game industry

    Tracks gaming industry news every day. Subscribed to and keeps up on gaming industry publications and news portals.

  • Console games

    Console games

    Plays console games regularly. Has PS3.

  • PC Games

    PC Games

    Often plays PC games. Has steam, origin account and over 150 games.

  • Games OST

    Games OST

    Has own YouTube-channel related to gaming.

  • Belles-lettres


    Reads books every day. His favourite series are The Dark Elf by R.A.Salvatore and The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien.

  • Document writing

    Document writing

    He is always in finding the ideal documentation organization. He writes documentation from home.

Professional Background

Work Experience

2015 February - Present


Co founder, game designer

Job Description

Mindillusion is a Russian video game developer team.

2014 September - 2015 February


Game Designer/Level Designer

Job Description

GenomeGames is a Russian indie game developer that now works with the sci-fi MMORPG "Project Genom."
I continued to work at GenomeGames in my spare time because Project Genom is a very promising and beautiful project, and I'd like to help guys with game design and level design.
So, my responsibilities at GenomeGames:

  • Game design.
  • Game balancing.
  • Level design.
  • Projects:

    2013 July - Present

    KamaGames Studio

    Game Designer

    Job Description

    KamaGames is an international developer and publisher of games for mobile platforms. The company possesses wide experience of successful game production.
    KamaGames is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and is an established presence in the USA and Asia. The organization does its best to be accessible to developers wishing to grow. Current projects include working with the best teams of developers from Russia and the USA.
    At Kama Games as a lead game designer, I have only 1 responsibility - to release a successful project in time. To achieve this I made tasks:

  • Wrote game design documentation.
  • Designed user interface.
  • Tweaked and tuned game balance, gameplay and difficulty.
  • Created and scripted quests.
  • Managed the development process from concept to release.
  • Aggregate and analyzed static data.
  • Supervised the localization process.
  • In addition, I took part in making of other projects. I improved current development processes. I was a game design consultant for another teams and companies-partners.

    2013 April - 2013 July


    Senior Game Designer

    Job Description

    2reallife is a company developing and publishing browser online games, and applications for social networks and mobile devices games. This company has existed on the Russian market since 2004.
    Success of this company was build on the foundation of a professional team that spends its energy in company development. It is a young collective with the average employee age of 27 years. Its games are played all over the world.
    At 2Reallife my responsibilities were:

  • Writing and maintaining game design documentation.
  • Creating and scripting quests.
  • Providing direction, mentorship and management to teams of designers.
  • Collaborating with team members to review feature designs.
  • Projects:

    2012 April - 2013 April

    Inform Mobil

    Senior Game Designer

    Job Description

    IMMO Group is the leading supplier of software solutions and high technology services for mobile and fixed communications providers, state-owned and business companies. The Group has been working in the market since 2000. IMMO develops IT-products and also manages partner services. Group companies are successfully working in the markets of 14 countries (in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Estonia and Poland, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Vietnam).
    At IMMO Games my position covered:

  • Writing and maintaining game design documentation.
  • Tweak and tune gameplay systems, balance and difficulty.
  • Creating and scripting quests and game levels.
  • Game design consultations.
  • Management of game development process.
  • Projects:

    2011 October - 2012 February

    Bitbox Ltd.

    Game Designer

    Job Description

    Bitbox Ltd. is a Russian video game developer known for their Sandbox MMORPG "Life is Feudal".
    During "Life is Feudal" developing my responsibilities were:

  • Creating and maintaining game design documentation.
  • Projects:

    2010 May - 2011 July


    Game Designer

    Job Description

    GenomeGames is a Russian indie game developer that now works with the sci-fi MMORPG "Project Genom."
    At GenomeGames I performed various tasks:

  • Created and maintained game design, level design documentation.
  • Managed team of 7-10 employees across a wide range of disciplines, including software developers, 2D artists, 3D artists, designers.
  • Created, scripted quests and levels using own quest/level editor.
  • Projects:

    2006 November - 2007 March

    4A Games
    Eagle Dynamics
    GSC Game World

    Environment artist

    Job Description

    Environment Artist
    Made about 10 tasks in 3DS Max for various companies and projects. Worked for 4A Games with the game "Metro 2033", for Eagle Dynamics with the game "Lock On: Modern Air Combat", for GSC Game World with the game "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl"

    Latest work


    • + >

      Jolly LOL

      Mobile arcade

    • + >

      Project Genom


    • + >

      Project RPG

      PC game

    • + >


      Multiplayer Shooter

    • + >



    • + >

      The Crew

      Multiplayer Racing

    • + >

      Dead Island: Epidemic

      Multiplayer Action

    • + >


      Multiplayer Shooter

    • + >

      Pirates Battles!

      Strategy game

    • + >

      Legacy of the Empire

      Mobile MMORPG

    • + >

      Sweets and Swipes

      Mobile Arcade

    • + >

      Knight Runner

      Mobile Arcade

    • + >

      Dar Game

      Browser MMORPG

    • + >

      The Elder Scrolls Online


    • + >

      Hippo Hop

      Mobile Arcade

    • + >


      Social Fighting

    • + >

      Battle of Empires

      Social Strategy

    • + >


      Social Mybrute

    • + >

      Life is Feudal

      Sandbox MMORPG

    • + >

      Exodus Online




    2006 September - 2010 July

    Magnitogorsk State Technical University

    Automation and Management

    Bachelor's Degree

    3.4 GPA

    University Profile Description

    I studied are in automation and management, which have helped me understand optimization principles, how to make any process faster and more effective, how to make any process automatic and save human resources for other purposes. Now I consistently apply this knowledge and create new optimization methodologies for improvement any processes: for example, writing documentation, creating and making balance, or interaction with developers, to name a few. Also, learning management principles have helped me hone my skills in managing game designers, executing projects, and managing game development teams.

    2004 September - 2006 June

    Private School of Computer Sciences

    School Profile Description

    The school focused on computer sciences like mathematics, programming, informatics, physics .


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